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Hey Kids

Hey kids, here's my APPLICATION:

Name: Danielle
Age/Birthday: Age: 16   B-Day:Feb 12
Location: Chesterton, IN

Bands[10]- Taking Back Sunday, Modest Mouse, Thursday, The Phoenix Rising, Blueprint Car Crash, Sunny Day Real Estate, Samiam, Death Cab for Cutie, The Smiths, and Pink Floyd...yeah, so it's not completely emo.
Songs[5]- Bad Day - Samiam; Black Cadillacs - Modest Mouse; Bukowski - Modest Mouse; One Eighty By Summer - Taking Back Sunday; Playing For Keeps - Matchbook Romance
Foods[5]- Mushroom Pizza; Tamales; Lazagna; Cocoa Puffs; and Mashed Potatos
Stores[5]- Barnes & Noble; Goodwill; Spencers; Hollywood Mirror; and Strange Cargo (the last two are thrift shops in Chicago)
Celebrities[5]- Johnny Depp; Mark Ruffalo; Billie Joe Armstrong (i just wanna hang out with him! lol); Sean Connery; and Conan O'Brian
Books[5] - All the Harry Potter Books (yeah thats 5, but it's kinda cheap if I just put that, aye?);  Lullaby - Chuck Palahniuk;  Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk; Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs - Chuck Klosterman; The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown; and Secret Garden - Frances Burnett  (okay more then five, sorry.)
Things to do[5]- go to the movies; have a Doughnut Brigade (i live in a small town we have to make up things to do lol); read; paint/draw;  and be on LJ!

Opinions on....(and explain them!)
Gay Marraige- I'm all for it!!  I have so many gay friends and I just want to see them happy!  
War on Iraq- I'm against any harm on any human; but sadly we live in a world where violence is key so I understand that in order to go forward we have to fight. So I give all my support to the war and the soldiers. 
Abortion- Well it really depends on the rape and incest, abortion is an option.  But if it's some teenager who got pregnant and wants to kill her kid, I frown against it.  If she's "responsible" enough to have sex she should be responsible to raise a kid.  But I don't support Bush's wanting to do away with it becasue I dont think the government has ANY right to tell a women what to do with her own body. 
Labels- Labels make people biased and that sucks.
Bush- *groans*  Bush basically flicked off the world and said 'I'm doing whatever the hell I want' I think he should be pres. for another term? Hell No.

What CD can you listen to over and over?- Bad News.... - Modest Mouse;  Echos - Pink Floyd; and Space Oddity - David Bowie  (yes i listen to david bowie...kinda dorky, but true!)
Tell me a joke.- Michael Jackson was at the beach and he stopped to enjoy the view when a lady calls to him from behind, "sir, can you please get out of my son?"  ....ha, okay that was bad.
What can you possibly NOT live without?- family, friends, eyeliner
Who inspires you?- i inspire myself...actually i just couldn't think of anyone. 
What do you want to be when your older?- an engineer or a thrift store owner! or both!

Show at least 2 pics of you. One a clear shot. - okay, i'm technically impaired so I was going to give you pictures that were on another site made by my friend but then it totally messed up when I tried to link it so If you really want some pics of me then you can go here: Photos

Show me a picture of something you think is rad. i dunno who this kid is but he sure does win in my book!

Promote somewhere and show a link to prove it. Promoted in emo_mixes
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