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new <3

Name: sherree
Age/Birthday: fif-teen :o)  [15]
Location: bremerton, washington state

Bands[10]- new found glory, yellowcard, motion city soundtrack, taking back sunday, coheed and cambria, the early november, breaking benjamin, all american rejects, story of the year, simple plan
Songs[5]- crash and burn [simple plan],  a decade under the influance [tbs], timberwolves in new jersey [tbs], three evils [coheed & cambria],  falling for you [tbs]
Foods[5]- mac n cheese, italian ice, barbaque chips, bagels [w/ cream cheese], steak :o)
Stores[5]- thrift stores, abercrombie & fitch (for jeans), hottopic (braclets, hair dye, band t's), charlotte rouse, journeys [shoes]
Celebrities[5]- ashton kutcher, lisa kudro, tom green, madonna, blondie
Books[5] a child called it , the giver,
Things to do[5]-

Gay Marraige-  love is love. simple as that.  and who am i to judge anyone anyways? who is anyone to judge anyone? lmfao.
War on Iraq- work on making our country better before improving anywhere else.
Abortion- no no no no no no no. theyre innocent little babys. thats like murder. :o( my sisters pregnet so she had to make a desicion and shes keeping it :o) shure shes young but its an innocent baby and she got herself in that situation thats like the cowardly way out. get a job support your baby. yeah your suffering for your mistaks but you know what thats your fault. :o)
Labels- STUPIDIST THIN G!! every person has the same body parts. same skin. same heart. same brain. labels are for ignorant people.  theyre bad bad bad. let everyone be whoever the hell they want to be!
Bush- no comment. politics make me want to puke.

What CD can you listen to over and over?- warped tour 2004 compilation
Tell me a joke.- "there was a sea cucumber and a.. wait no thats not right.. so they walked into the bar and the sea cucumber says to the... wait no thats still not right.. " -Finding Nemo
What can you possibly NOT live without?- my computer. so i can talk to my bffe laura in CT. and i can have fun on live journal :o) lmfao
Who inspires you?- Madonna. shes so pretty and shes got good fashion. what a diva!
What do you want to be when your older?- i dont know yet but i want my kids to be happy and have a loving husband.

Show at least 2 pics of you. One a clear shot.

Show me a picture of something you think is rad.

^^ thats hanging on my wall... :o) hott isnt it?

<3 sherree
accept or reject?
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