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Name: jill
Age/Birthday: june 7th,1990 which makes me 14
Location: goshen ny


Bands[10]- emery , hawthorne heights , silverstein , the spill canvas , brighteyes , taking back sunday , something corporate , senses fail , bayside , coheed and cambria

Songs[5]- bleeding mascara by atreyu , november by silverstein , waste of paint by brighteyes , bloody romance by senses fail , and poison in my veins by bayside

Foods[5]- mac and cheese , bagels , pineapple , french frys , and shrimp

Stores[5]- thrift stores ( we have a local one that is seriously the best thrift store in the world) , wet seal , zumies , the occasional hot topic visit..but i find that their band shirts are way to mainstream , and spencers

Celebrities[5]- hmm well i'm not really into extremely famous people but conor oberst from brighteyes is seriously one of the most amazing and talented mucisians i know of..and he's hot but that really dosn't matter personally.as for the other three i'm really not too sure

Books[5]- the lovely bones , speak , armageddon summer , harry potter ( i dunno why.. ) , i also like the chicken soup books..i seriously almost started crying reading the story about this boy who almost got killed but was protected by his dog and his dog ended up dyeing.haha i'm a loser

Things to do[5]- bass guitar , photography , hang out with my friends , hang out with my boyfriend , listen to music

Opinions on....

Gay Marraige- love is love and the government should have no say in who can show their love by marriage.what ever happened to separation of church and state

War on Iraq- complete bullshit,terrorism and iraq have no connection to eachother so it makes me think about if bush himself admitted that,then why are se still in iraq...oil

Abortion- i'm pro-choice but i think their should be a deadline on where abortion can not be performed,a point in time where the fetus can feel or something because i've heard of a thing called pre-birth abortions and it's sick how people actually can go through with killing their newly born baby.

Bush- power hungry mad man,i don't see how anyone could ever support someone who put us in trillion dollars of debt..do those people not realize that our generation are gonna be the ones who are gonna haveto pay it off.Kerry all the way
Labels- obviously a big issue for some reason in the world today and i'm not going to say how their sooo bad and stuff cause i myself,just like probably everyone out there have labeled before but i don't think it's right.we're all humans and i think labeling should be stopped when it starts to interfere with our everyday lives and putting restrictions on who we hang out with or associate ourselves with.


What CD cant you listen to over and over?- dashboard confessional,they are becoming too played out by channels like MTV

Tell me a joke.- how many punks does it take to screw in a light bulb?

.....1,000,001.....1 to actually screw it in and 1,000,000 to say they did it first

What can you possibly NOT live without?- music must be a really cliche' answer so i'mgonna go with my friends,they are there for me when i need them and i couldn't possibly be the same person i am today if i didn't have them there.

Who inspires you?- no one really,but if i'mlooking for inspiration i think the ocean is a great thing to get it from.Just think about it,no matter how many people walk all over the sand it all gets washed away and things start over again.it applys to life sometimes

What do you want to be when your older?- an activist of some sort..or a bass player /singer in a wicked emo / indie band

Show at least 2 pics of you. One a clear shot...

Show me a picture of something you think is rad.

thats my stupid friend..in a basketball hoop

Promote somewhere and show a link to prove it. http://www.livejournal.com/users/___silverbullet/4536.html?view=14776#t14776
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